Temporary Membership Information

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Temporary Membership Application Form

Primary Applicant’s Name__________________________  Birth Date_______________

Primary Spouse’s Name____________________________  Birth Date_______________

Mailing Address (home) ____________________________________________________

Phone (home)_____________________ Phone (cell)______________________________

E-mail Address:__________________________________________________________

Credit Card Information

Name (as it appears on credit card)                   Credit Card Number

Expiration Date                                                       CCID#(3 digit number on back of card)


Upon signing this Temporary Membership Application, I authorize Highlands Cove Realty at Old Edwards Club to disclose and release this information to the Old Edwards Club. As the applicant/leaseholder, I understand that I will be held liable for any damages to the Club incurred by guests using my temporary membership. The Old Edwards Club may charge above stated credit card to pay for any damages to the Club caused by tenant and/or their guests. This agreement is per adult couple staying in any leased residence. Day guests will be treated as accompanied guests and are not required to purchase an additional temporary membership however any adult couple residing in the property shall be responsible for purchasing their own temporary membership in order to access the club.

The credit card will not be used to set up an account as charge accounts are not available for temporary members. Please bring your credit card of choice and = pay as you go for golf and dining. Greens fees are $67.50/pp for 9-holes or $135.00/pp for 18-holes including the cart and practice facility. On-site heated mineral pool, clay tennis courts and fitness center privileges are included in the temporary membership fee. Temporary members are not permitted to use the pool, fitness, sauna, or tennis courts at Old Edwards Inn & Spa in Highlands.

All information contained within this Membership Application will be kept confidential by Highlands Cove Realty at Old Edwards Club and will be distributed only to the Old Edwards Club for temporary membership approval.

The Temporary Membership will be paid at check-in. Temporary Membership fees vary depending on length stay as follows:

$600 – up to one week
$850 – one week up to two weeks
$1,300 – two weeks up to three weeks
$1,800 – one month
$2,000 – two months
$3,000 – three months

Temporary Membership fees are as if the person completing this Membership Application is married, the signatures of both spouses are required.

Dated:____________________         Signature:_________________________________

Dated:____________________         Signature:_________________________________