Highlands Most Recent Visitors

May 24, 2016

We had some surprise visitors here in Highlands…a Momma Bear and her two cubs! Although, they may look cute and cuddly, we strongly encourage that our owners practice bear safety, as black bears can be very destructive!

It’s normal to be frightened when you encounter a bear. The reality is that most encounters with bears rarely lead to aggressive behavior and attacks are even more rare.

bearWhen visiting Highlands, there is a chance of encountering bears. Practice and follow these simple guidelines below as they can be very useful.

1. Stay calm. Most bears prefer to avoid contact with humans, and any bear you do see is probably just as frightened as you are!
2. Respect its need for personal space. Do not approach it, even to get a photo, and give it as much room as possible.
3. Keep garbage secure until garbage day.
4. Keep barbeque and outdoor cooking stove clean, and keep window and doors closed when cooking.
5. Don’t store any food outside.
6. Keep your car locked and free of food.
7. Don’t use bird feeders during the spring and summer.
8. If you have fruit trees, remove fallen fruit from the ground.
9. Feed your pets indoors – pet food is a huge attraction to black bears.